AbRam Khan defeats Shah Rukh Khan’s BFF Karan Johar in the pout game

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Karan Johar has himself admitted that there's someone better than him

AbRam Khan is literally the apple of everyone’s eye and while he has grown to be a little media shy, it is heartening to see that he is still his usual, mischievous self with his near and dear ones. Given the constant glare of the cameras and the flash of the shutterbugs, it is obvious that a kid would grow weary and conscious. But when asked to pose with Karan Johar, who is his father’s bestie, AbRam was absolutely nonchalant and even struck a pose!

While Karan is known for his signature pout, that he does with a finesse that some might call art, he has himself admitted that there’s someone better than him. No, we aren’t talking of Kareena Kapoor Khan, who, as we all know is an ace at the pouting game. However, cinching the title of the best pout ever is AbRam Khan. Yes, the little munchkin has learned the art from the best in the business and knows how to rock that pout like a pro. His cherubic cuteness also adds manifold to the overall effect, we agree. Sharing a picture of himself with the little one, KJo, on his instagram page, proclaimed AbRam pouts better than him. We have to agree with the filmmaker here. Check out his Insta post below…
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Don’t miss how AbRam is striking a pose with his hands too. This little cutie patootie is growing up to be such a rockstar! But if you think that he will make a foray into films as soon as he is a teenager, you are so wrong. Daddy Shah Rukh is quite clear that he wants all his children to complete their education first. In an interview, SRK had said that all his kids will inherit from him is a good education and a house. “I’ve never saved money. What I earn, it all goes in film-making and immediate expenditures. Because I never had a house before coming to Mumbai, I wish to leave a house for them and of course provide them with basic education,” he said, and also added, “They (Abram, Suhana, Aryan) live a basic life (rich, but basic) on their own will. We don’t have money saved for a rainy day, for them to live-off,” he announced.
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