Prabhas is risking his health for Saaho; gets the director worried

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Prabhas Won't Listen To Director On Sets Of Saaho?

When Prabhas leaped from one cliff to another in the waterfall sequence of Baahubali, he didn’t just safely landed on the other end, but also landed in the hearts of millions of viewers. The stunt, the visuals and just the raw charisma of the actor was enough to make him a superstar across the globe. While this particular scene – the most spectacular scene of the film that set events in motion – was a gift from CGI, there are ample number of stunts that the bulky actor has performed himself. You see, Prabhas likes to perform his own stunts. While we may be in awe of him for that quality, it is giving his next director sleepless nights.

Prabhas and Sujeeth Singh are teaming up for an ambitious project titled Saaho. Shraddha Kapoor Stars As The Female Lead. Once again, Prabhas has opted for performing his own stunts without a body double. Yep, somewhere out there is a perfectly built body double out of work right now. Of course the director is worried AF thinking about the all the possible outcomes. A latest report carried by quotes a source revealing the deets about Sujeeth’s apprehensions. They write,

“Prabhas doesn’t want to use a body double for any of the scenes in Saaho. The crew has some renowned action choreographers from the west working on the film so he knows he is in safe hands. However, Sujeeth is concerned since Prabhas has the tendency of injuring himself. He also injured his shoulder during the filming of Baahubali and had to undergo a surgery. Therefore, he wants Prabhas to use a body double in at least some death defying stunts.”

That is an interesting development. Isn’t it? The popular portal also suggests that despite director’s qualms, Prabhas has made up his mind. An underwater sequence for Saaho required him to undergo a scuba diving course, which he did.

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