Pari song Meri Khamoshi Hai: This soulful song from Anushka Sharma’s film touches the strings of a lonely heart – watch video

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Meri Khamoshi Hai from Pari is out!
Ansuhka Sharma’s Pari hit the theatres on March 2 and everyone who has watched the film till now is super impressed with it. I watched the film on the first day and I am with all those people, who are saying that this one is a game changer as far as Hindi horror movies are concerned. Considering how the makers scared the living daylights out of many with those screamers before the release, I wasn’t expecting a song to be there in the film. And personally, I don’t quite like that idea. But it was surprising when the song, Meri Khamoshi Hai played during the first half of the film. Thanfully, it blended so well with the movie that I had no complains whatsoever with it.
The soulful song has been released online today. It has been crooned by Ishan Mitra, who has done an amazing job there. It comes at a point in the movie when Anushka’s character Rukhsana is trying to learn things like brushing her teeth or learning to use crayons to draw in her sketch book. She has stayed with her mother in a forest all her life and Arnab (played by Parambrata Chatterjee) is teaching her to live like normal people do. Sorry for that teeny tiny spoiler. 
Watch Meri Khamoshi Hai song from Pari right here:

If you have watched the film, we surely bet you didn’t notice these 12 details in it. However, my colleague Rajat Tripathi did and made a post out of it. Click here for 12 well-detailed plot points that you might have missed out on while watching Pari for the first time. Fair warning, the post has spoilers in it.

Anyway, how did you like Meri Khamoshi Hai song from Pari? And have you watched the film yet? Share your reviews in comments below.
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