Pad Man music review: Amit Trivedi serves a perfect blend of melodies in this Akshay Kumar film

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The Pad Man album has something for every music lover.

Pad Man releases this Friday with a subject that has never been touched upon in films. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor in key roles. It is produced by Mrs Funnybones Movies, Sony Pictures, KriArj Entertainment, Hope Productions, and Cape of Good Films. The music album consists of five songs, all composed by Amit Trivedi and penned by Kausar Munir. Here’s our review of the soundtrack…

Aaj Se Teri

Singer: Arijit Singh

The minute the song is played you know it’s to be played at weddings. That’s because it starts with shehnai. It’s been a while since we heard this musical instrument in Hindi songs. Back in the 90s, it was oft-heard. Arijit Singh’s soft and slow vocals add the perfect zing to the song. But if you are expecting it to become a chartbuster instantly, it might be a too much ask because such songs need to be heard again and again to find a place in everyone’s playlist. But once you get a hang of it, the song lives you refreshed. Kausar Munir’s lyrics and Amit Trivedi’s music grows on you slowly and steadily.

The Pad Man song

Singer: Mika Singh

This has been heard a lot in last couple of days as it is the song that is played in the trailer as well. The composition is really catchy. Since the film is set in a small town, the arrangement has been kept in sync with it. There are no mind-numbing techno beats because it isn’t needed despite being pacy. It’s more of an anthem  which will instantly give you a happy feeling. The song obviously will be played in the background to show Akshay Kumar’s rise and rise in the film. For that, it’s an apt addition. 


Singer: Amit Trivedi

The composer himself lends his voice to this song which will remind you of Queen’s Jugni. That’s not all. You will be reminded of a lot of Trivedi’s collection in this song. That’s his trademark. But even then, it is catchy and will stay with you even after you are done listening to it.

Saale sapne

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

The fact that it is sung by Mohit Chauhan makes us feel really good because that’s one voice, the more you hear, more you want to keep listening to. There’s a touch of youthful cheeriness in his voice. But we have to also applaud Kausar Munir for some amazing lyrics here. The words will resonate with you as we all have been made to do extraordinary things because we dreamt big. This song is an ode to our dreams. In the film, it has Akshay Kumar working on his machine to make pads, failing at the start and then emerging victorious. Pretty inspirational!


Singers: Yashita Sharma, Jonita Gandhi, Yashika Sikka & Rani Kaur

It’s one of those songs which will make you happy but only when you watch it. The moment the visuals end, it will lose its hold on the listeners. Although it’s pretty peppy, it isn’t going to stay with you for long. But then it’s a situational number and will leave an impact when you watch it in the film. 


Amit Trived has managed to serve variety of songs and sounds with this album. Kausar Munir’s words are effectual but apart from the title track, none of the songs will become an instant favourite. More you listen to the album, you will get more entranced by it.

Our picks

Aaj se teri, Hubahu and the Pad Man song

Rating:3 out of 5

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