“Miss you too” says Anushka Sharma after seeing Virat Kohli’s mushy PDA

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli seem to be missing each other way too much!
Now this is the beauty of being in a long distance relationship. You tend to miss your love so much that your feelings grow deeper, your urge to meet your partner increases and then finally the day when you actually come face to face, you just don’t want to let go off that tight embrace. This above picture probably sums up exactly what I said. Virat Kohli shared this ridiculously adorable pic on Instagram yesterday and captioned it saying, “My one and only.”, further making everyone believe if Anushka paid a surprise visit to him in South Africa amidst his current Test series. But guess the love birds are yet to meet for Anushka just replied to Virat’s mushy post by saying, “Miss you too my love” .

Awwwww multiplied by 100 maybe?
Blame it on their respective professions, social media indeed comes handy when you don’t get to meet your partner everyday and I personally feel PDA only proves how openly you want to scream your love with no inhibitions whatsoever. That way, Anushka too has pretty much started loving the PDA post marriage. Whether it’s by posting screenshots of Virat from a match and rejoicing his victory by saying, “What a guy” or just how she has also set this above pic as her display pic on Instagram, Anushka indeed is letting the world know how she’s truly, madly and deeply in love with her Mr perfect, Virat Kohli. Here, check out the post below:
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We can’t wait to see the day Virat and Anushka will finally reunite after being apart for more than a month now. Until then, you can continue gushing over this cutesy couple and well, wish for a “happily ever after” like theirs.
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