[HQ PICS] Mira and Misha wear matching shoes as they head to a park with Ishaan Khatter

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Mira, Misha and Ishaan have a Happy Sunday!

Every day is an eventful day for Misha thanks to Mira who is ensuring to keep her baby busy with some or the other activity. If one day you get to see the little one returning from her painting class then the very next day there’s a video of the cutie taking dancing lessons from her granny. Or say for that matter, just yesterday we saw her trying out football in her backyard. So it comes as no surprise that even today Mira decided to do something different by taking Misha out to an organic farm. Yes, from what it looks like, there was an exhibition of sorts for kids in Bandra and there…there…you can see Misha and Mira walking hand in hand along with Ishaan Khatter joining the mother-daughter duo. Sunday well spent, is it?

Interestingly, Mira also matched her footwear with Misha by wearing matching cat-faced shoes. How adorable are these two? No wonder Misha enjoys being a homemaker because you get to do so much more than just spending time with your little one. There’s so much to teach, learn and have fun! Here, check out all the pictures below:

Mira however doesn’t approve of the paparazzi following her daughter all the time. She had even put up post on her Insta story requesting people to let her daughter enjoy a normal childhood. When Shahid was quizzed about the same, he exclusively told us, “She was at a park and so many pictures happened, so I think her point was very valid. She just said that that is a place where kids should be able to be kids. I think that was a very fair point and she said it politely and nicely. It was like point to be noted my Lord types. She would not get aggressive. She has a right to express her feelings as a mother just like any other mother.”
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