Cuteness alert! Karan Johar’s twins, Yash and Roohi yawning in this picture are all of us on a Tuesday morning

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Check out Yash and Roohi's picture here...

Karan Johar‘s twins, Yash and Roohi, are two of the cutest babies of Bollywood. While they are going to ring in their first birthday on February 7, we are presenting you with a brand new photo of the bundles of joy. Most of the pictures of Yash and Roohi catch the candid moments of their lives. Sometimes they are seen engrossed in playing, while at other times they are immersed in deep thoughts. The tiny tots have amused us with their cuteness quotient and this picture is no less.

We guess Yash and Roohi are busy hugging each other or maybe Roohi is trying to talk to Yash. Whatever it is, they look adorable and anyone would want to cuddle up to them. Recently, we told you how Karan is planning a birthday bash for his babies, with only kids as guests. The affair will be simple and intimate. We are eagerly waiting to see Taimur, Misha, Adira, Laksshya and other Bollywood babies partying hard with Yash and Roohi, in their own style. Till then, check out Yash and Roohi’s picture here…

Karan loves spending time with his twins. He is yet to take them to his office. When asked about it, he had said, “They’re too small and travelling might get uncomfortable for them. But they will come with me to the office, eventually.” Moreover, he has made their own nursery at his office. He said, “I made it so that even when I’m working they feel at home and are comfortable. It’s also a way of keeping them close to me.”

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