Bend it like Misha! Who wants to join Shahid Kapoor’s daughter for a game of football?

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Look how Shahid Kapoor's baby Misha has got her weekend mode on!
You saw shahid kapoor and Mira Rajput’s little bundle of joy Misha showing off her artistic skills on a drawing board. You also saw her taking dance lessons from her granny the other day. Now check out the little champ trying out a game of football. Mira shared this cutesy boomerang video on her Insta story this morning and boy, how cute is Misha trying to kick that ball wearing her pink night suit? Although we don’t know if she managed to hit a goal or no but then who cares when you have such a doll joining you for a football match? Well, if we had our way, then we would definitely love to join Misha for a game or two one day, how about you? 

That way, Shahid and Mira are doing pretty well by ensuring to help Misha have a normal childhood despite belonging to a celebrity family. Of course, they can’t avoid the everyday media hustle or hide their baby behind closed doors like how Mira had mentioned one day but then they can very well make sure they don’t let it affect Misha. Here, check out Misha’s video below:
Just this morning, Shahid even reacted to internet’s obsession with Misha saying, “My daughter didn’t choose this glamorous life. 

What’s her fault?” Following which, he further argued in another interview, “I hate to think of all the glare that’s on her. That is probably the only time I feel I should have had another job. I don’t want her to deal with it. It’s not good for children to go through this. They have a right to a normal childhood. But she has to deal with it because I am her dad. It’s tough for me, as a parent, to make peace with that. I hope she will learn how to tackle it when she grows up.”
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