Why is Bhaagamathie’s success important for Anushka Shetty even after Baahubali?

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Even at this stage, Bhaagamathie's success is important for Anushka Shetty - here's why.

While the world is talking about Padmaavat, another exciting film is releasing this weekend and is making waves already. The movie in question is a modern day thriller that stars a splendid performer. She boasts of a mammoth fan base. We are talking about Bhaagamathie starring Anushka Shetty. The movie has garnered huge buzz right from its first poster for its intriguing plot and Anushka’s terrifying look as Bhaagamathie. But one can’t deny that the modern day thriller  has gained new importance after Anushka’s performance as Devasena in Baahubali: The Conclusion. The actress’ fan base easily tripled after her powerful act as the warrior queen in the magnum opus. She was the woman, every female aspired to be. Depsite being a multi starrer, Anushka held her own and stood out individually as well among other star performers. After that particular performance, it’s no wonder Bhaagamthie is waited upon eagerly. But did you know, Bhaagamthie’s success is important for Anushka Shetty even at this stage?

If you take a look at her filmography, her 2017 films Om Namo Venkatesaya, Singham, with the exception of Baahubali did not quite deliver at the box office nor did it receive great reviews. Before that she played cameo roles in Oopiri and Soggade Chinni Nayana. Her last solo hit was Size Zero in 2015 that fetched much praise and acclaim for her performance oriented role. In that sense, Bhaagamathie will be her first solo film in three years. It is essential for the actress to prove that she can continue to shoulder a film on her shoulders just like she did with Size Zero, Rudramadevi, Arundhati irrespective of a Baahubali. The movie’s success can prove to be an even bigger game changer for Anushka, than Baahubali.

As of now, the grand pre buzz has resulted in phenomenal booking. Everyone is looking forward to this modern day thriller. Let’s find out what eventually happens on 26th January.

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