Touch Chesi Chudu trailer: Ravi Teja demonstrates how to solve a case in 2 mins by bashing up goons

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Touch Chesi Chudu trailer is out!
The trailer of Ravi Teja’s new film has dropped and it is making us wonder what’s so ‘new’ about it. There’s nothing in it that people have not seen him do in his other movies. There’s action, romance, stalking, heated dialogues, villains been beaten to pulp, some preachy one-liners and yet the actor manages to make you go wow in spite of all that. We have to give it to him. Despite not doing anything different in majority of his movies, he has managed to keep his fans entertained. We are talking about Touch Chesi Chudu which is just another Ravi Teja fare but the trailer will interest you even then. 
In fact, if you ask us, we are quite amused to see the trailer. It reminded us of Rowdy Rathore which also was a remake of Ravi Teja film, Vikramarkudu. He is a cop who gets into thug mode literally, to beat villains into pulp. They have even employed similar action sequences as Matrix which look pretty neat, we have to agree. And of course there is an actress who is for some reason, is obsessed with him. There’s also a scene where he is seen peeping inside a dance class where the actress is flaunting her mid-riff! The look on his face makes him a lech not a hero…just saying. Anyway, check out the trailer right here…

Touch Chesi Choodu is helmed by Vikram Sirikonda and is produced by Nallamalapu Srinivas and Vallabhaneni Vamsi. Others in the cast are Raashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor, Vennela Kishore and Savaji Shidne who are crucial to the plot.
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