Teaser Talk: Solid Positive Beginning With Diluted Impact

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The unexpected surprise impact teaser of Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Na Peru Surya is out. It is an entirely stunning experience for a commercial Telugu cinema fans, and that aspect stands out.
Getting further into details and no doubt, Allu Arjun leaves a solid impact. The star is picking different subjects, showing variations in body language, whether it is entirely working or not, and the hard work is all visible on screen and the result in the box office. Here he seems to be redoing the Sarrainodu act in a different setup. While all these are positives, there is one glaring minus, which brings the whole experience down. It is the background score and the dialogues. The former more so is terrible, and it single-handedly dilutes the positive impact.
If the impact teaser is just to introduce us to the world of Surya, it is fine and does the job well. One only hopes the final trailer would be better. The makers haven’t locked a particular release date, but maintain an April release for now.
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