[Photos] Shahid Kapoor’s baby Misha has her ‘Monday Face On’ and we so relate to it

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Misha is not happy that it's Monday already....

We all know the struggles of waking up on a Monday morning…It’s almost like you want to turn on the news and hear “Monday has been cancelled, you can go back to sleep”. How we wish this happened for real…at least for once…or maybe we could have another deal of 2 days working and 5 days of weekend! Okay, I know I am unreasonably asking for too much but then look how Monday has not even spared Shahid Kapoor’s baby Misha this time. The above picture says it all.

Misha, who is otherwise so chirpy and happy, was spotted looking really grumpy as she stepped out with her mommy Mira this morning. Probably, she had just woken up from sleep but unlike usual how she would spot the paparazzi and instantly smile, this time she seemed to be in no mood to even look at the cameras or acknowledge any attention. Monday blues and how! Here, check out all the pictures below:

Nevertheless, we love how Mira has pinned a handkerchief on Misha’s back and also let her hold her water bottle by herself. Not to mention, Mira is a hands-on mother who ensures to be around Misha all the time. If she takes her to a park, she also takes her to a farm to educate her about fruits and vegetables. In fact, Mira has also appointed a dance teacher for Misha; whereas in the remaining time she makes her draw and scribble on a white board. So that way, Misha has quite a long day ahead. If you too are going through the same struggles of wanting to end this day before it begins, comment below.
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