Shah Rukh Khanis one helluva actor and whenever he is on the screen, no one can take their eyes off of him. While everyone is eager to see him on the silver screen once again, the actor surprised everyone with a behind the scenes video and a short teaser of an ad campaign he shot for last year. We had revealed to you last year how Shah Rukh and Kabir Khan were collaborating for a special project and teaser is now out. For those of you who don’t know, these special videos are part of the #BeMyGuest campaign for Visit Dubai. From playing football to kayaking, Shah Rukh Khan takes over Dubai in this latest ad campaign and we have to say it is fantastic.
In the behind the scenes video, SRK is seen having fun as he shows us the new and unexplored locations of Dubai. No, there is no Burj Khalifa or any sand dunes, this time around, the actor shows us a completely new side of the gulf country and we have to say he keeps us hooked. But not just the visuals; SRK’s charm, his smile and his actions will take your breath away. In fact, he strikes his iconic pose in the end of the BTS video and steals our hearts. 
In the teaser video, we see kids playing football when SRK comes in between and stuns them. He looks stunning in a track pant and hoodie as he enters the frame and steals the limelight. Check out both the videos right here and share with us your thoughts about them in the comments section below! 
The full video starring Shah Rukh and directed by Kabir Khan will be released soon and from what we hear, it is going to be epic. So stay tuned to here as we get you the video and all the dope about Shah Rukh Khan right here.