Bhaagamathie movie review: While Anushka Shetty steals the show, the other hero is the engrossing story

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Here's our review of Anushka Shetty's Bhaagamathie.

The much talked about modern day thriller, Bhaagamathie has finally hit theatres. The film garnered much buzz and hype because it starred lady superstar Anushka Shetty. Moreover it was her first film after Baahubali. Fans obviously had sky high expectations. To add to it, the trailer left an intirguing mystery behind to solve. One minute she was the quite, gentle officer IAS Chanchala and the next minute she was the fearless, ruthless Queen Bhaagamathie. What was the connection between the two? The movie finally answers for that for you. Has Bhaagamathie lived up to the expectations?Has Anushka Shetty shone her calibre yet again? Read on to find out….

What it’s about

There is a case against a minister by the name Eeashwar who is suspected of stealing idols. A CBI Chief is summoned to investigate into the case. IAS Chanchala, who is suspected to be one of consiprators is called upon to for interrogation. She is already accused of murdering Sakthi, her husband, who along with Chanchala and Eeashar were part of social initiative at one point in time. In order to carry out the interrogation in discretion,  she is moved from a remand home to a haunted, dilapidated house by the name Bhaagamathie. The interrogation takes a mysterious turn when supernatural elements begin to torture Chanchala. In an expected turn of events, she becomes possessed and takes on the form of yesteryear queen Bhaagamathie. Will Chanchala manage to escape the control of Queen Bhaagamathie’s spirit?  Will Esshwar ? The films answers that for you.

What’s hot

G Ashok’s unusual style of filmmaking. This was no ordinary story that moved from frame to frame. The director took the liberty to use the flashback technique and give this story an exciting feel. But more than his way of filmmaking,  G Ashok’s story was the real hero! He made it seem like two stories were moving along paralelly but it was all along one story bledned in seamlessly. Everything had a connecting thread and it all came together at the end. The unexpected twist was the highlight of this engrossing horror suspense drama. As Anushka Shetty rightly mentioned, the story bore no resemblance to Baahubali or Rudramadevi or Arundhati. Moving on the actors – Anushka Shetty unsurprisingly shone like a superstar! From the beguilling IAS officer Chanchala to the merciless, powerful Queen, Anushk stepped in and out effortlessly. The scene where she first enters as Bhagamathie is applause worthy. The actress has proved she is a star performer and can pull off just about anything. This movie belonged to her through and through. Accompanying her with cedible performances were Jayaram and Ash Sarath. However Unni Mukundan’s role did not do justice to the good looking actor. Have to add, he made a great pair with Aushka. The CG and background score lended the right amount of drama. While Anushka Shetty shone, the other hero was the story! G Ashok has re-defined horror and suspense for us.

What’s not

While the story was a great one one couldn’t help but admit it took a quite a while for the narration to tie the threads together. The suspense element is held on for too long and then when it was revealed it seemed hurried. The build up was given too much importance. While the movie played fair by setting the fondation, as it progressed it seemed to drag a tad. Also, there were a few loopholes in the what-why-where of the script. Anushka and Unni Mukundan’s romance was sketchy, we didn’t get a chance to fall in love with them.

What should you 

This is definitely worth a watch. For Anushka Shetty. For the story. and for the two combined.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

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