Akshay Kumar’s mom bakes a birthday cake for Hrithik Roshan – view pic

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We so wan't to have a bite of that cake...
Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan are neighbours and it seems this friendship is not restricted to the men alone. Even the families are very close. The Kaabil actor posted a cake on Twitter thanking Akshay’s mom for the sweet gesture. Yes, the Padman actor’s mom had sent him a cake which isn’t something you will see often. It looks like a mithai cake… what we mean from that is it looks as if it was made from ingredients that we use for our desi sweets. This is really lovely! We didn’t know Hrithik is close to Akshay’s mother as well.
Hrithik writes, “And @akshaykumar I was so touched. please thank your mom for my delicious cake! Blessings and love I cherish.” 

The cake looks so delicious and might make us ditch our many dietary restrictions. Akshay had earlier wished Hrithik on his birthday yesterday saying, “Even though you’re already blessed with the best…best family, friends, neighbors This year wishing you better than the best! Happy birthday @iHrithik :).” The latter even reacted to his wish saying, “Haha thank you akshay. Big love dear neighbor.” Their’s is a friendship we should all thrive for. Check out the cake and the conversation right here…
And @akshaykumar I was so touched. please thank your mom for my delicious cake! Blessings and love I cherish. 🙏🏻

She'd be glad to know, shall definitely pass on the message :) https://twitter.com/ihrithik/status/951429482363068416 

Now that we have established that these two epitomise the adage ‘Love thy neighbour’, we wonder what it would be like to see both of them in a movie. It will be a blockbuster of epic proportions. Only if our filmmakers had a story that can do justice to these two…
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