Agnyaathavaasi movie review: Critics are not going gung-ho over Pawan Kalyan’s latest release

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Pawan Kalyan fails to impress the critics with Agnyaathavaasi.

When Agnyaathavaasi’s teaser released, we were deeply impressed. There was hardly any dialogue in the video but had ample action in it. Pawan Kalyan, who plays a vigilante in exile, made it evident that there will be action and comedy for the audience to have fun at the theatres. Now that the film has released, critics don’t seem to agree with him. Check out the reactions right here…

Times Of India gave it 2.5 stars saying, “Pawan Kalyan’s character shows promise in a story that could be deemed contrived. While the ‘Largo Winch’ inspiration is evident, Trivikram tries to make the story his own, not to mention, tries to turn it into a masala potboiler. With a story featuring a secret heir trying to prove his legitimacy, one would expect the film to be tightly narrated and be fast-paced. However, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is anything but that. Despite all the pomp and show, irrespective of its flaws, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ could have still been an amazing ride had it either been taken seriously or been made with the same old Trivikram-Pawan Kalyan touch. However, the film lacks soul, and it’s only the title card that makes one believe that this one’s been directed and penned by Trivikram. Pawan Kalyan aces through his role as usual, even if his body language and expressions ooze disinterest.” 

Chitramala gave it 2.5 stars as well. The review reads, “Agnyathavaasi is a story of a guy who is raised in a distant state as a back up plan to takeover the business after the founder’s death. As media articles are published, Trivikram Srinivas seems to be heavily inspired from the movie “Largo Winch”. Everyone expects a superb comedy and well written dialogues from him, but these elements are missing in this movie. A very flat first half and a second half where Trivikram Srinivas just relied on the mannerisms of Pawan Kalyan. His mannerisms may seem irritating to general audience as they are repetitive . The back stories narrated in the movie do not have necessary emotional impact. This movie might satisfy Pawan Kalyan fans but disappoint Trivikram fans. Just some enjoyable comedy tracks in second half and Pawan Kalyan are savers of the movie. To sum up, Agnyathavaasi fails to reach the sky high expectations with its flat screenplay.”

Mirchi 9 could only give it a weird 1.75 ratings. In fact the reviewer wants you to watch Largo Winch instead. The review says, “Pawan Kalyan is his usual self-full of energy. There is nothing else to write home about. The star also has another unique quality where he remains the sole highlight of the enterprise and Agnyaathavaasi is no different. The problem here is the repetitive mannerisms. Even small moments are predictable. It is like watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie where all we get is tea sipping and intense stares captured at weird angles. Everything is so predictable, and repetitiveness makes it almost look embarrassing. Pawan Kalyan should take stock of his current physical appearance and do parts suitable to his image. Some scenes almost look like the star is spoofing his younger self.”

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