This is by far the HAPPIEST pic of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif together!

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Salman Khan and Katrina, can you two stop being SO cute? (Actually, don't)
Only if Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were in a relationship for real! I mean, no seriously! Just look at them. Don’t they look like a match made in heaven? Especially in this latest picture which we think is by far the HAPPIEST pic of Katrina and Salman together. While Katrina shared these series of pics to wish you fans a Merry Christmas. All we could notice is happiness written all over their faces. The way Salman is busy focusing on Katrina while taking cutesy selfies or just how the former lovers are laughing their hearts out in each other’s company, these latest pics are SO making us hopeful to see them back together as a couple again.
When here met Katrina ahead of Tiger Zinda Hai and ASKED HER ABOUT HER EQUATION WITH SALMAN OVER THE YEARS, she had said, “More than anything else, we both have evolved a lot as people. People change, some things which are same and something which is not. We share a great equation. It is hard to explain or describe to put it to words. But it is one which is very warm and one which is very positive. It is one of the good energy.” Salman too had sweet things to say about Kat in another interview as he gushed saying, “You met Katrina today? Look into her eyes. See her smile. There is such a child-like feel to her. She does a lot of hard work. She doesn’t get depressed with a film not doing well or somebody writing nasty things about her performance. People used to write about her dancing, initially. If people appreciate her, she works harder. If they trash her, she works harder. She doesn’t manipulate or pull anyone down. She doesn’t talk badly about anyone. 

She lives in a beautiful, perfect world.”
Indeed, there is never a dull moment when Katrina and Salman are together! How many of you all are vouching for their patch up in real life? Share your love for the couple in the comments below and hopefully one day, our wish will come true! Until then, keep watching this space for more updates and celebrate their romance by watching their blockbuster release, Tiger Zinda Hai that’s roaring at a theater near you!
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