Priyanka Chopra shows us her Desi Girl swag as she attends a wedding – view pics

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Priyanka looked absolutely stunning in the peach coloured, sheer saree

Priyanka Chopra is back in town. We have already seen her attending an awards show and performing there, chilling with Alia Bhatt and shoot for the premiere episode of India’s Next Superstars. Now, see her put on her Desi Girl shoes as she attends a wedding.

Priyanka is popularly known as the Desi Girl by her fans. All thanks to her superhit song, Desi Girl, from the film Dostana. When she became super-active in the west, it gave fans all the more reason to address her by this nick name. The way she moves and grooves in a sari in the song is still copied by ardent fans. Well, here she is reminding us of the song as she stepped out in a beautiful saree for a wedding.

Priyanka was spotted attending wedding reception of her secretary Chand Mishra’s daughter. The two have been long associated with each other in the profession. They have seen many ups and downs together, like the one time Chand got into a tiff at a polling booth for the actress, as per reports. Of course Priyanka dropped by to give her warm wishes to the newlyweds.

Priyanka looked absolutely stunning in the peach coloured, sheer saree. Yet another reminder of her song from Dostana.

Priyanka will be soon seen attending an event at the Bareilly International University. She will be awarded doctorate degree in Bareilly from the Academic Council of the Bareilly International University on the 24th December. Apart from speaking of her achievements and career landmarks, the Chancellor will also present the superstar with a memento as she revisits her hometown after almost 5 years.
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