No birthday bash for Salman Khan this year – read details here

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Sorry folks, this year Salman Khan is not in a mood to celebrate his birthday!

salman khan‘s birthday has always been an annual event for his fans. December 27 is the day which will be forever special for them. The actor however loves to celebrate it at his farmhouse in Panvel every year. His friends and family come together for one big bash before everyone takes off for their New Year’s eve plans. That has always been the norm but this year, there will be an exception. There won’t be any bash for him this year because he won’t be here. Yes, a source told us that Salman Khan will be abroad when the clock strikes 12 on December 27.

Last year it was a great event at his farmhouse. Many people gathered for the event. We have shared with you pictures from the event. A huge cake was baked for him and Salman was seen looking at it with greedy eyes. Can you blame him for that? The cake looked so tempting we too were ogling at it with hungry eyes. The whole areas was filled with his well-wishers who were ready to sing the birthday song for him. It’s a departure from the annual tradition which is a bit surprising. Salman has always celebrated his special day with his people but guess he wanted a vacation more than a bash this time. He had shared the pic of his cake last year which had a curious Ahil looking at it.

Well, it will be wrong to say that we aren’t disheartened. We always wait for his birthday celebrations which are a family affair but then the man is so loved by everyone in the industry that, it turns from a family gathering to an elaborate event.

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