Inside Videos Anushka Sharma dancing with a note in her mouth as Virat Kohli sings just proves how happy they are to be married!

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You cannot miss these CRAZY videos of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli dancing like nobody's watching at their wedding reception in Delhi. Watch now!!!
You saw the newlyweds Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli posing all royal and elegant at the red carpet of their Delhi reception last night. Dressed in a heritage Sabyasaachi collection, the two looked nothing less than a royal Indian bride and groom. We loved the princely charm on Virat’s face while Anushka’s look was all about a newlywed bride flaunting her ‘married’ tag with the prominent red sindoor on her forehead. But who knew this same couple who posed so majestic outside would break free, as soon as they go inside the reception venue? We just got our hands on these crazy videos of Virat and anushka dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, although we always knew what a mad-dancer Virat is considering all his viral videos from the past get together but Anushka certainly comes as a surprise; especially seeing her dance with a note in her mouth. Like, I’m sure nobody has ever seen this side of Anushka EVER!! But guess, it’s the wedding effect for if you watch the videos, you will exactly know how happy she was to meet, greet and dance with all the guests at the party.
Let’s not forget, famous Punjabi singer Gurudas Maan too was one of the star performers at the wedding reception last night. But the highlight of the party was only when Virat joined the pop singer during one of the hit tracks and sang a line or two looking at the love of his life – Anushka. Here, watch ALL the videos below and tell me if you don’t crush harder on Virushka after this:

Anushka dancing on Mauje-Mauja with Shikhar Dhawan
Seems like one helluva night to remember, isn’t it? Both Anushka and Virat will also be hosting a Mumbai reception on the 26th of December so get ready to witness more such nights coming up as the cutesy couple continue celebrating togetherness with their favourite bunch of people.
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