Happy Birthday: Anil Kapoor turns 61: The actor’s dapper style is just as fresh and young as he looks – view pics

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Happy birthay Anil Kapoor!

Someone inform the scientists of the world, Anil Kapoor has found the fountain of youth. Because there is literally no other explanation as to how the 61 year old actor manages to look so stunningly younger than his age. He could totally play a 30-year old guy on screen and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Is it genetics? Or really has Anil Kapoor found the fountain of youth? Well, these are the thoughts that come to my mind on the actor’s birthday.

Anil is celebrating his 61st birthday today and we wish him all the happiness in the world. While mots of fans’ most fond memories of the actor will remain of seeing him dance on My Name Is Lakhan level-kitsch songs, we have to agree he can be the dapper most dude in the room, be it the need of the hour.

Well, Anil continued the streak of looking uber hot in the year 2017. Thankfully. Look at him here rocking a dashing bowties and being a total poser. Isn’t that what you aspire to be at the age of 61? I totally do.

In case you wanted to subscribe to a more salt and pepper look when you are only young at heart, Anil has done that too. And he managed to look just as hot even in this look.

Actually he sported quite a few hairstyles this year…like this one, that sort of reminded us of the ’90s

Bring me one person on this planet who’d say that they are not looking like brothers here who are just a couple of years apart. Who’d believe they are uncle and nephew?

He can carry off stripes

And sure as hell he can carry checks

So, those pictures were our point in case, and we’d like to now declare that Anil Kapoor is the most stylish actor we have today. Happy birthday and thanks for making our lives a little more jhakkas.

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