Aww! AbRam Khan seems to have dozed off on Shah Rukh Khan’s lap in the car as they arrive for Adira’s birthday bash – view pic

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It seems like SRK is trying to kiss AbRam awake

AbRam Khan is such a cutie patootie. We are bowled over by him every time he makes an appearance with his daddy dearest. We have seen him wave out to his daddy, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans, watched him cry, and seen him express amazement over a candyfloss at Aaradhya’s birthday bash. But this time around, the little one had another surprise in store for us.

We spotted the father-son duo arrive for little Adira’s birthday bash. The birthday girl, who turned two today, has invited all the tiny tots of B-town for her birthday party. While Taimur and Laksshya had arrived a while ago, we just got out hands on this cute picture of Shah Rukh arriving with little AbRam in tow. However, AbRam seems to have dozed off on daddy’s lap during the commute. Well, we don’t blame the little one. Have you seen the traffic on the Bandra-Andheri stretch? Forget a child, even us adults feel drowsy after a car ride and the unending traffic. From the picture, it seems like SRK is trying to kiss AbRam awake. Yes, we can’t get enough of this picture. Check it out here…

We just hope that by the time AbRam steps inside for the celebrations, he is his usual active self. After all, he is the life of a party just like his dad dearest. We have seen him pose with his dad’s celeb friends on numerous occasions and each time he regales us with his shenanigans. Given that Adira’s birthday is such an awaited affair, we are sure that there must be a lot of attractions for the kids in store there and AbRam wouldn’t want to miss out on those would he?

While last time, Shah Rukh had arrived alone for Adira’s first birthday bash, we are so glad that he brought AbRam along this time. After all it is a kiddie party and why should AbRam miss out on all the fun, right?

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