Anushka Sharma-virat Kohli’s Unseen Picture From Their Honeymoon Is Proof That They Look Great Together Even Without Makeup And Designer Attires

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We Landed A Picture Of Theirs From Their Honeymoon In Finland
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have owned 2017 quite literally by making us fawn over them over and over again. Be it the manner in which they kept making public appearances together, or the way they planned a wedding in secret – we couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe. Here were two individuals, perfect in their own way, coming together and becoming even more perfect, if that was possible. So, it should not come as a surprise that we find ourselves trawling the depths of the internet, searching for yet another picture of the beautiful couple.
After their star-studded reception last night, where the duo looked like a million bucks, we landed a picture of theirs from their honeymoon in Finland. Remember how, after a bit of snooping around, we had revealed to you that the two were indeed honeymooning in the icy Finland, after Anushka posted a picture of them bundled up in woolies against a snowy backdrop. Well, a member of the tour group organisers, who were at the helm of things for their honeymoon, posted a picture with Anushka and Virat on his Instagram account. As opposed to the earlier picture, this one is much more casual and the two seem completely at ease around each other. They are dressed up in simple attires and have no makeup on, which kind of tells us a lot about the level of comfort that they share with each other. Check out the post right here…

After a dream wedding and a fairytale honeymoon, the couple were back in the country to mingle with their friends and families. Now that their happily ever after has begun, we can’t wait to see more of them together. While in the past, the two had a lot of juggling to do to make it work given their hectic schedules, we are sure that now that they are man and wife, the two will be spotted together more often. Honestly, we can’t wait for that to happen for it will only mean more beautiful pictures of the perfect couple.
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