Kajol is ecstatic clicking a selfie with husband Ajay Devgn, while he does it for the sake of love and marriage

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It is evident that when it comes to selfies - the couple can never agree
Ajay Devgn and Kajol make us believe that marriages are surely made in heaven. Not only do they make a good-looking pair, they also share a great chemistry, which is so important for couples in the long term. What’s more, they also prove that opposites do attract. While we are sure they might agree with each other on most grounds or at least come to the middle turf, when in a debate, one thing that they can’t see eye to eye on is selfies.

From a tweet posted by Kajol and later shared by Ajay on Twitter, it is evident that when it comes to selfies – the couple can never agree. Kajol, from what it seems, is obsessed with selfies. Well, if we looked half as good as her, even we would be, so, we don’t really blame you there, Kajol. But, on the other hand, Ajay couldn’t care less about a click. Their captions reveal all that they feel about selfies. While Kajol’s tweet reads: “Me: Let’s take a selfie na…
Ajay: again ???” Ajay’s says, “The things we do for love… and… marriage!” Aren’t these two really funny? Check out the exchange below…

The things we do for love... and... marriage! https://twitter.com/KajolAtUN/status/934042401529671682 

But that wasn’t all. Seems like thee entire Devgn clan was clued on to this. For daughter Nysa too commented “SO CUTE MOM.” But not the one to fall so easily for the subtle sarcasm, Kajol immediately replied, “So familiar you mean!! (sic)” Now, we have a feeling she takes after Ajay, seeing how both of them pulled a quick one on Kajol but she seems like a great sport, handling them with her witty comebacks. 

Well, we don’t expect anything less from her. After she has always been the one to have an opinion and voice it.
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