ISL 2017: Mammootty, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sachin Tendulkar come together to click an EPIC selfie- view pic

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Indian Super League has become 'legend'ary now!

salman khan and katrina kaif flew to Cochin yesterday to participate in the Indian Super League 2017 and have already performed at the stage. We have shared with you pictures from the show which look electrifying. Salman Khan seems to be having the most fun dancing with Katrina Kaif who literally owned it. But that’s nothing compared what we got our hands on! Salman, Katrina, Mammootty, Katrina, Sachin Tendulkar in one selfie… how cool is that?!!

This is one epic selfie. Watching all the stalwarts in one frame is so amazing! Mammootty took a selfie of them together and we are sure it will break the internet. How often do you see all of them in the same frame? Salman even made Mammootty dance to his tunes. Check out all the action from the grounds right here…

Well, this season will be even more exciting if the opening was so spectacular!
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