IFFI 2017: Did Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar avoid each other on purpose?

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What's going on, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan?

salman khan and akshay kumar were friends, at least that’s what we knew. But it seems we were wrong all along. A rift between the two has appeared and now they don’t mind avoiding each other too. You might feel we are seeing more than what meets the eye but when we watched the closing ceremony of IFFI 2017, we couldn’t shake off the fact that there is something distinctly awkward between the two. In fact, they didn’t even greet each other. That’s so unlike of them. Salman and Akshay have been known to get along really well. The Tubelight actor even did a cameo in Joker, where he danced with him and Katrina Kaif. In fact, Salman and Karan were supposed to produce a movie on the Battle Of Saragarhi starring Akshay. But it seems when Khan pulled off from the collaboration, things went sour between the two. IFFI’s closing ceremony saw a hint of that clearly.

First of all, they weren’t seen sharing pleasantries at the event even when they shared the stage together for a group photo. Amitabh Bachchan stood between them while both of them avoided eye contact. Salman even hugged AB but we couldn’t see any kind of gesture for Akshay from Salman’s end. They even sat separately. While Salman had Matin Rey Tangu and Katrina Kaif for company, Akshay was seated elsewhere. Honestly, it really surprised us because a few months ago, when Salman called him the biggest superstar, Akshay had retorted saying everybody knows the kind of collection Khan’s films make. He had told Deccan Chronicle, “Everybody knows who the big superstar is. Salman is huge, his collections are huge and he is a pure commercial actor. He’s my senior.” And now this!

There could be another reason behind the actors giving each other the cold shoulder. Reshma Shetty, who used to manage Salman’s work, now does a similar job for Akshay. Did that create a rift so deep between the two that they don’t even want to acknowledge each other? We wonder…

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