Ranveer Singh BREAKSDOWN after seeing the insane response around his Khilji avatar from Padmavati – view pics

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Ranveer Singh Couldn't Stop Crying After Seeing The Response Around The Padmavati Trailer...

Dunno about you but we have certainly gone in a state of trance ever since we have seen ranveer singh in the epic trailer of Padmavati that hit the web this afternoon. I mean, the mind-boggling intensity with which he’s owned his villanious role as Allauddin Khilji or say for that matter the conviction with which he has made Khilji his own is so commendable that every time he hit the screen, he was bound to give us goosebumps. No wonder many have already gone up to declare Ranveer has hands down, overshadowed Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor in Padmavati. Now that’s the impact Ranveer has left on everyone with the very first trailer of Padmavati. But wait until you check out how Ranveer has reacted to this unbelievable response coming his way…

An overwhelmed Ranveer broke down the minute he went live on Instagram to thank his fans for showering such unconditional love. He had no words to say whatsoever. All that he did was got teary eyed and sent lots of love and kisses to everyone who has been praising him and vouching his character in Padmavati. In fact, after a point, Ranveer even took a moment to pause and imagine if this is how legit the trailer has turned out to be then how is he going to control the overflow of emotions once the film hits the screens on December 1. Here, check out grabs of a teary-eyed Ranveer below:

More love to you Ranveer and we are so proud that you are killing it as Sultan Allauddin Khilji. Indeed, there couldn’t have been a better choice than you for this one. Can’t wait to see your magic unfold on the big screen and I am sure everyone is with me on this. Amirite, guys?
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