FIRST PIC OUT! Akshay Kumar gives us a glimpse of Asin’s baby girl and calls her a ‘little angel’

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Akshay Kumar Holds The Baby In His Arms And Give Us The Cutest Picture Of The Day.

A few pictures speak a thousand words. akshay kumar posted one such snap on his Twitter account holding asin‘s newborn baby. Yes, actress Asin and her husband Rahul Sharma have been blessed with a girl yesterday. It was a bit of a surprise since not much was known about the actress’s pregnancy. Of course, everyone was curious and Akshay just quelled a bit of that with this cutest picture of the day. He grins broadly as he holds the baby and looks so elated.

Akshay writes, “One joy which is completely unmatched…congratulations to my dearest friends Asin and @rahulsharma on the arrival of their little angel.” The first part of his message says a lot about how he felt when Aarav and Nitara were born to him and Twinkle. He describes it as a joy which is unmatched and we are pretty sure, the newly turned parents will agree with him on this. Akshay, Asin and Rahul have been very close. They have even gone on holidays together with their families. So it isn’t surprising to see Akshay with the kiddo. Check out his post right here…

One joy which is completely unmatched...congratulations to my dearest friends Asin and @rahulsharma on the arrival of their little angel 😁

The couple had released a statement to announce the arrival of their first child. It read, “We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of our angelic Baby Girl earlier today. The last 9 months have been most special and exciting for the both of us and We would like to thank all our well wishers and everyone who has been part of our journey for all their love and support.”

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