Anushka Sharma’s new clothing line is for every girl-on-the-go

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Get ready to fill your wardrobe with Nush

From actor to producer, anushka sharma juggles many hats. And just when you thought she couldn’t possibly manage anymore, the star surprised her fans all over the world last evening, announcing the launch of her very own clothing line.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Sharma revealed about the brand, which has aptly been named Nush, one of her nicknames. “Clothes are actually something that we live in, they are a huge part of our lives. Our style is the way we express ourselves, the way we express our mood. I wanted to create a brand that can add that value to someone’s life, be a part of that person’s life.”

A feel-good combination of easy-breezy cuts, vibrant colours, happy prints and low maintenance casuals, Nush channels Sharma’s trademark, fuss-free style. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely recognise the actor’s vibe in the distressed denims, cosy bombers and boho blouses, all made keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind. Think floaty dresses in opaque fabrics that don’t need layering, jackets featuring lots of pockets, and versatile pieces that aren’t a stress to style. “I have personally taken interest in the styles of Nush, so there’s a bit of myself in all the outfits,” Sharma tells Vogue before sharing her journey. “I got really emotional before the launch. I was thinking about the time when my mom and I used to go shopping. We didn’t have enough, I come from a very regular middle class family, my father’s in the army, and I was modelling back then. It was difficult; I needed to have good clothes because I used to have to go for auditions, and my mother used to make sure that I was able to have those things. As a young girl, shopping for clothes that suited my sense of fashion under one roof was a struggle. If we got the right style, the price didn’t fit, when we found the right price, it was lacking in style. My father used to get so bored, he’d be sitting outside talking to the guy making bhel puri! When my parents came and joined me today, all those memories came back to me. I thought to myself, I couldn’t have imagined at that time that one day I’d have my own clothing line!”

Comprising of over 160 pieces, the debut collection of Nush hits Shoppers Stop outlets in India on October 12, and you can also buy pieces online on Myntra. “What you do is really important, and so is who you do it with,” says Sharma. “I want to take this opportunity to thank Suditi Industries (the clothing company behind your new favourite buys).” Can’t wait to start shopping? Scroll through our slideshow for a sneak peek at the line, and discover Sharma’s style secrets below.

See pics here of launch 

On standing her ground
"I’ve gone to my friends’ parties wearing pyjamas in the past, and I felt damn cool. So many times, people have made fun of me, saying ‘How can you wear this and come?’ and I’m like, ‘So what? I’m feeling damn good in this!’ Someone once told me, ‘This is an old season you’re wearing.’ I said, ‘I don’t give a shit. This is what it is and I’m completely okay with it'."

On her non-screen style twin
"Every role that I’ve done, there’s been a part of me that I’ve left behind in. My personal style has been reflected in each character because the stylist wants you to wear what you look best in. I would say the character whose style matches mine the most is Farah, from Dil Dhadakne Do, or even Simran from Patiala House. Definitely not Sejal from Jab Harry Met Sejal though. She used to wear a necklace that said ‘Sejal’. I would never wear a necklace with my own name!"

On the one trend she’ll never get on board with
"I don’t like wearing tight dresses, I feel very uncomfortable in bodycons. It just doesn’t suit me."

On the best style advice in her book
"If you enjoy wearing clothes, that’s one thing. But treating it as a pressure, and trying to find gratification and value for yourself through clothes, that’s not good. That’s not a good mindset to have. My only advice is wear clothes to feel good. Clothes, or anything else exterior, should not be something you need to add value to yourself. It’s not an easy thing to do, but try making little efforts in not letting that be your focal point of your life, the primary reason you do things."

On her go-to shopping method
"I don’t even try clothes on. I know what’s going to fit me, and I shop very quickly. I know what I need, and I take it as a huge achievement, that as I’m growing older, I’m becoming faster and faster. There’s no ‘what ifs’. Quick, quick, quick!"

On Bollywood’s best dressed
"From Sonam Kapoor to Kangana Ranaut and Jacqueline Fernandez, I think everybody dresses well. Amongst the men, I think Akshay Kumar has a great individual sense of style, Ranbir Kapoor also dresses really well, and Ranveer Singh is a bit on the other side, but it’s really good also!"

On wardrobe malfunctions
"It’s sad that people write about wardrobe malfunctions; it's akin to someone falling and you laughing at them. As a human being, if you see someone in distress, would you publish that and say, ‘Look! This person is in distress!’ No right? What is that mindset? It really shocks me that anybody would do that. It’s highly disrespectful and disgusting. I wouldn’t give a damn if someone did that to me. I don’t think I’d give it so much attention. But that is why with Nush, we’ve made an effort to make fabrics thicker, to provide camisoles and slips with the clothes, to make life easier for the wearer."

Nush will be available at Shoppers Stop outlets in India on October 12

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