SPYDER movie review: AR Murugadoss brings out the best in Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah in this entertaining crime drama

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Here's Our Review Of Mahesh Babu -ar Murugadoss' Spyder.

SPYDER is finally here! The Ar Murugadoss– mahesh babu film has finally hit theaters in Telugu and Tamil! Yes, the Telugu superstar is making his debut in Kollywood cinema and believe it or not, he has dubbed for the Tamil version as well. This movie is big for the first time collaboration, for the bi-lingual strategy and for the ambitious budget. Right from its first look poster, teaser to its trailer the film has garnered huge buzz! Will this movie live up to all that hype? Will the AR Murugadoss – Mahesh Babu combo come out a winner? Read on to find out….

What’s it about 

SPYDER follows the life of Shiva, an intelligent yet humble spy who solves crimes, prevents kidnappings, murders and robberies by tapping on public calls. While it’s an invasion of privacy, this down to earth agent has the best interest at heart. One such call tapping results in the murder of the caller and the female constable that was keeping guard. On probing into this mysterious death, Mahesh Babu realises a master mind is at play, a psychotic master mind rather who has much eviler plans. Will Shiva be able track him down and save the city? Will Shiva be able to hold up amidst all the killings and gore? That’s what the rest of SPYDER will reveal.

What’s hot 

While the story is a typical spy-villain plot, trust AR Murugadoss to present it differently! So if you though this was going to be a larger than life spy thriller drama, trust us it isn’t. In fact, there is a plot that goes from page to page to create a build up that excites you! While all moments won’t leave you shocked, there are enough to keep you entertained. (SPOILERS AHEAD) The fake video plan, the plan to get to the killer, the housewives plotting plan, the idea to kill the brother to get to the murderer and Mahesh Babu kicking ass were some of the best moments of the film. The way the story led to the villain was another interesting way of making this an atypical crime story. Coming to the cast – AR Murugadoss wrote Shiva’s character keeping Mahesh Babu in mind. His restrained performance brought Shiva’s character alive, his straight face while mouthing funny dialogues also added another dimension to this otherwise simple guy. Also AR Murugadoss was sure about not making Mahesh Babu the star of the film. He is supposed to be an ordinary guy with an admirable sense of logic. SJ Suryah as the lead antagonist was another Joker, impressive, hard-hitting and completely mental. It almost seemed like he lived the part. Post this film, he is bound to be flooded with villainous roles. Also, AR Murugadoss’s fine directorial skills was once again on display – the scene where he narrated Shiva’s story at the beginning and the fight sequence in the end, the flashback episode of the villain, the housewives plotting scene are all instances.

What’s not 

The story towards the second half of the second part dragged and ended becoming massy and a tad too dramatic. That in a way, dampened the thrill of this movie. The songs were unnecessary and not so impressive, although the BGM was great. The supporting cast and the female lead characters were sketchily written, they didn’t add value to the movie as such. Some of the VFX was too hard to believe.

What should you do

This movie deserves a watch for the AR Murugadoss – Mahesh Babu combo. For once a director must be applauded for not letting the star supersede the story.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

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