Shahid Kapoor starts dubbing for Padmavati

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shahid kapoor is busy with padmavati.
While every other day people are busy speculating whether or not padmavati is releasing in November, shahid kapoor is quietly working on it. Okay, fine, not quietly exactly, but he is continuing working on it without paying heed to such stories. Recently, he posted a really hot picture of himself on Instagram and updated us on what he is doing with Padmavati. The actor revealed he is dubbing for the film already.
With his beard neatly trimmed and hair gelled well, Shahid Kapoor is looking really dashing in the pics. Talking about the delay of the film, the actor had said, “We have not yet said anything about any delay. You guys are the ones deciding everything.” As for the release date, he mentioned, ‘You will know soon.’ Shahid Kapoor plays Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, who fights Alauddin Khilji. He plays Deepika Padukone’s husband and fights for her honour. Check out the picture right here…
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