Shahid Kapoor celebrates wife Mira Rajput’s birthday and their daughter Misha gobbles up the cake – view pics

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shahid kapoor's wife mira rajput is celebrating her 23rd birthday today.

Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, is celebrating her 23rd birthday today. The couple celebrated the day with their daughter, Misha, with a cake in the backyard of their home in Mumbai. No heavy duty party, but a simple union of the nuclear family. How sweet! shahid took to his social media pages to share pictures from the mini birthday party.

Fans love any excuse to get hands on Misha’s pictures. So paparazzi got a chance to click pics of the happy family as they headed out to buy a cake at a store near their house. As per the caption posted by Shahid, his lovely daughter was the first one to get her hands on the cake and gobble the first piece. Someone is developing a sweet tooth, eh? We can totally presume that this cake too, like the one at Misha’s first birthday party, was a healthy one.

And here is yet another super cute click of Misha!!

Check out these pictures of Shahid, Mira and Misha as they head out to buy a birthday cake..

in case you didn’t know, mira organised misha’s first birthday party a few days back and made sure that no one cheats just because it’s a celebration. Shahid and Mira are health freaks and it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to us that the menu at the party was absolutely healthy. It included avocado chocolate mousse, date carrot walnut cake and raspberry coconut panna cotta.

In other news, you might just see Mira and Misha on screen soon. According to multiple reports on several entertainment portals, Mira has been offered advertisements that will be aired on TV. She has met with Shahid’s manager a couple of times and has already shortlisted a couple of offers. Amongst them is offer of an advertisement featuring both Mira and Misha.

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