Saif Ali Khan is guilty of not knowing any ‘patriotic’ dish for wife Kareena Kapoor

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saif ali khan and kareena kapoor are a perfect couple.

During the trailer launch of chef, saif ali khanmentioned that kareena kapoor khan loves the trailer of the film. We did too…so, same pinch! Anyway, the point is Kareena did talk about Saif cooking at home and we even have a few pictures to support that. But do you know that the actor is capable of cooking nothing but just spaghetti? He revealed it himself.

In the video above, you will hear Saif explaining why he cooks only spaghetti. The actor was asked what he cooks for his wife Kareena and he says, “My fav thing to cook is spaghetti. I still can’t cook Indian food. Spaghetti is easy but it’s also fattening. So my wife doesn’t let me cook it very often or she doesn’t eat it. I end up eating the whole thing.” When he is informed that Kareena had revealed that she loves gorging on paranthas like a true Punjabi, Saif looks and sounds a bit shocked. He then confesses about making a ‘true patriotic dish’. Whatever that means…

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are a couple we all take cues from. Guys want a partner like her while girls would love to have such a suave, intelligent Nawab all to themselves. They basically are the definition of a happy married couple. Their kid, Taimur, is someone the paps go crazy about too and he is a spitting image of both his good looking parents. What is left is Saif’s mastery over some Indian dishes. Hope that will happen soon

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