Photos Kareena Kapoor Khan is so mad about working out at the gym that even her sweat patch HEARTS it

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look closely at kareena kapoor khan's tee and you will notice the "heart"!

You know how obsessed kareena kapoor khanis when it comes to the gym. What may come, there’s barely any day when she’ll miss out on her routine, unless she is not in the city. So just like any other day, today was no different. Bebo, despite the scorching Mumbai heat, decided to hit the gym and catch up on all the lost workout days, that she missed due to her Delhi schedule of Veere Di Wedding. Like for all that you know, Bebo returned from Delhi only a couple of days back so there was no way she could miss out on the gym today. Monday Motivation you see? But with all said and done, it’s the “heart-shaped sweat patch” that’s summing up Kareena’s love for gym right now. I mean, I know this might sound damn gross to you and you must be like say what?? Did she just describe a sweat patch as “heart shaped”? But well, it all depends on how you see things and that’s how I see Bebo’s love for fitness!

When Kareena was recently asked what drives her to be a regular at the gym, she clarified, “Firstly, I am going to the gym, it is not for size zero. There are so many people say why does she leave her baby and go to the gym? I read comments. But it is okay to take time out and exercise. Because I want to feel good. Taimur stays happy. Then why not?” Following which, she later also commented on the pressure around gym fashion as she said, ““Poora Nike Adidas, Reebok khaali ho gaya kyuki sab mere ghar pe hai..matlab kya yaar tum log… everyday there is a pressure kuch naya peheno…Aaj Kareena ne kya pehna hai?” But soon admitted, “I love getting clicked so please follow me, please click me, as much as you want.””

Here, check out Kareena’s pictures clicked this afternoon:

Kareena will be seen making her big Bollywood comeback with Veere Di Wedding, co-starring Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar. While buzz was that Kareena’s baby Taimur Ali Khan too would be seen in the Shashanka Ghosh film. Kareena’s spokesperson clarified it saying, “Taimur does not make a guest appearance in Veere Di Wedding and this is purely a figment of someone’s imagination.”
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