Look up and smile Aarav, you are 15 and rocking!

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akshay kumar's son aarav is so shy that he never looks at the cameras..

There is this one set of star kids who are insanely obsessed with the paparazzi and then there is akshay kumar’s son Aarav who is so shy that he just doesn’t like any kind of attention. I mean, one look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. He’s tall, smart, good looking, a well mannered boy and someone who strongly believes in respecting elders as AK too had once mentioned, ” I am proud to be his father. He has great values and respects elders and that’s all I want.” Yet, he doesn’t like showing off all his goodness….not even on his 15th birthday.

Aarav, who turned 15 yesterday, stepped out for an intimate birthday lunch with his family this afternoon. It was hosted specially for him – the birthday boy. But everything was fine until he saw the photographers waiting outside the restaurant. Here, check out the pictures and look how uncomfortable he got the moment he saw the cameras:

That way, Nitara has got pretty comfortable with the paparazzi culture over she for she confidently walked hand in hand with mum Twinkle Khanna post lunch. Look, here’s a picture of the cutesy doll.

Dunno how long is Aarav going to run away from the paparazzi for this isn’t the first time he’s tried hiding his face. The good looking champ has done this many a times in the past say when he stepped out for a movie night with his bunch of friends or when he attended one of Akshay’s movie screenings. But yea, having said that, let’s admit it Aarav looks ridiculously cute every time he attempts to hide his face. Such a cutie!

When Akshay was asked if he’ll ever want Aarav to join Bollywood, he said, “I hope he does because this industry is great. It’s a very welcoming industry and it’s given food and shelter to me and my family for years now. But I will just tell him one thing that he will have to make his own mark. I am there to guide him, help him but he has to do everything here on his own. But that’s thinking too far. He is a teenager. Let him finish his studies.”

Hopefully next time we’ll get to see a smiling Aarav!

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