Just like Rajinikanth’s, Mahesh Babu’s Tamil accent will also be liked by the audience, says Spyder director AR Murugadoss

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"mahesh knows tamil well, but yes, i do agree that he has got a certain accent..." says ar murugadoss

AR Murugadoss’s upcoming directorial featuring Mahesh Babu is highly awaited. The film is first bilingual by AR Murugadoss and Mahesh Babu will be seen speaking Tamil for the first time on the big screen. Talking about the bilingual aspect of the film, AR Murugadoss told Deccan Chronicle, “Mahesh knows Tamil well, but yes, I do agree that he has got a certain accent. But just like Rajini sir has an accent which is enjoyable and accepted, Mahesh Babu’s way of speaking will also be liked by the audience!”

He also praised, Mahesh Babu for his dedication, he said, “He is a director’s hero and a delight to work with. He blindly believes the filmmaker and gives his 200 per cent. He also gives so much confidence to the director. Despite being a superstar, Mahesh is so grounded and interacts with everyone on the sets. His sense of humour in real-life is also incredible!” 

Talking about the film being bilingual and what was his thought process behind it, he said, “We were to do a film ten years ago, but somehow, it got postponed. Since most of my films were dubbed in Telugu and Hindi, I was not ready to do a straight Telugu movie. When it finally materialised, I wanted to make a bilingual. It is like a parallel remake. Each scene has to be shot twice one after another! It needed enormous effort and was stressful. We had to be careful that the energy levels of the artistes were maintained also. One should get the same impact in both versions. I was comfort with Tamil and hence I shot the film in Tamil first and then Telugu.”

He also spoke about the female lead of the film, Rakul Preet Singh and how important will she be to the narrative, he revealed, “She has an important role. But if you ask me about the screen space, it will be on an entertainment level only. She will be there where audiences require relief or entertainment.” When AR was further prodded about female lead given a less important role and how he had recreated Tamil film Mouna Guru into a female centric, Akira. He said, “When I did Ghajini also, the script demanded a strong character to the heroine. It all depends on the script. I do understand the claim though; I will change slowly in the future.”

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