John Abraham and Diana Penty are ready for their nuclear mission in these new posters of Parmanu

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Parmanu is slated to release on 8 December 2017.

john abraham is a very choosy actor, so whatever projects he takes on, we can be sure they will be interesting. Whether those movies turn out to be good or not is a matter of another discussion, but at least most of movies look terrific on paper. Just check out his upcoming movie Parmanu. For the first time ever, a movie is being made on the Pokhran nuclear testing that happened in the ’90s. It was one of the biggest milestones Indian had achieved after its freedom, thanks to the visionary late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, and made our country a nuclear power in the world. Parmanu retells how India achieved that feat without the world knowing about the tests, lest of all, the US and its CIA. 

John Abraham plays the lead role in the movie, and he has just revealed the new solo posters of parmanu featuring him and Diana Penty in military garb. Since Pokhran in a desert area, that signifies the large amount of dust being shown blown in the posters. While John has played a military  officer a couple of times, including last year’s Wazir, this is the first time Diana Penty is playing an army woman.

parmanu is directed by Abhishek Sharma and produced by KriArj Entertainment, Zee Studios and JA Entertainment. Boman Irani is also playing an important role in the movie. Earlier producer Prernaa Arora had this to say about financing Parmanu, “KriArj Entertainment is so proud to team up with JA Entertainment for Parmanu. We are constantly on the lookout for strong content and interesting subjects that have great potential to be told on the big screen and Parmanu is just that.”

Parmanu is slated to release on 8 December 2017.

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