Jai Lava Kusa teaser: Jr NTR as Kusa will leave you entertained with his hilarious dialogues and killer dance moves

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jai lava kusa's thrid teaser starring jr ntr as kusa is finally out.

As promised, the makers of Jai Lava Kusa have finally launched the final teaser starring Jr NTR as Kusa! Sporting long hair, Jr Ntr is at his massiest best as he leaves you entertained with his hilarious dialogues and killer dance moves. As Kusa, Jr NTR is vibrant, gutsy and full of life. While the poster featuring Kusa was a disappointment, the teaser more than makes for it. What we love about Jr NTR’s triple role 0- even though they might not be drastically different with respect to physical attributes, as characters they are distinct. While Jai reminds one of Ravana, Lava probably reminds one of Rama and Kusa is the more playful one, he probably will remind one of Krishna! each fi them as different as can be.

Jai is ruthless, Lava is good natured and simple and Kusa is playful and fun! This is Jr NTR’s most exciting film till date as it will feature the star in a triple role for the first time. It’s going to eb tripel the fun! The movie also stars Nivetha Thomas and Rashi Khanna. The movie si directed by Bobby. C Muraleedharan is cranking the  camera for this one. Vance Hartwell, a renowned make up artist has been brought on board for this film. But since none of his looks seems to require prosthetic, we are wondering iif there is a surprise in store for us!

The film is all set to bring in the occasion of Dussehra as it release on September 21st! The film will be clashing with Mahesh Babu’s SPYDER that will release the following week! What clash that that will be between Jr NTR nad Mahesh Babu at the Tollywood BO.

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