Happiness is…watching Akshay Kumar’s daughter Nitara go on a walk with her bestie

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just another day in akshay kumar's daughter nitara's life...

Our  day just got brighter looking at these heartwarming pictures of akshay kumar’sdaughter Nitara. I mean, just look at her! What a bundle of joy she is. For the first time she wasn’t seen accompanied either by her mum or dad but instead was joined by her bestie who looked equally joyous on meeting Nitara for an evening walk. Oh…friendships like these we say. Like, it’s so pure, so full of innocence. In fact, we love how the two walked hand in hand with Nitara cracking up every next minute and also not shying away from the papz. Well, if this doesn’t melt your hearts then I dunno what will. Day made and how!

While it’s too soon to say if Nitara will ever join Bollywood or say she’ll compete with other star kids on the block. Doting mom Twinkle Khanna is happy that Nitara is fab with her vocabulary and also is a pretty good reader as she had EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us, “I don’t know if it’s too much for her age but she does know a few big words and she says them wrong and that’s fine. I think she says ginormous (gin) for ginormous but that’s fine. And hypopisis for hypothesis. But I think those are the only two big words she knows.”

Here check out out all pictures below: 

When it comes to his kids, Akshay and Twinkle, both, are immensely cool parents. While the superstar does come across as a parent on the stricter side, Twinkle is total chill. Or so say her tweets. The family is quite close and often go out together. In fact, if we’re not wrong, every month there seems to be a mandatory lunch or dinner scene of the entire family together. As per our observation, every month, we come across family pictures of them as they either return or leave the city, or they are going for lunch or dinner or a movie! Aren’t they one heck of a family? We like!…We totally like.
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