Vivegam movie review: Ajith Kumar is the ultimate dynamo in this visually stylish action flick

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here's our review of ajith kumar's vivegam.
The much awaited Vivegam has finally hit theatres worldwide! ajith kumar was returning to the screen after almost two years – fans were obviously excited. To add to it, he was teaming up with Siva, who has had two hits with previously. The combination was looked forward with great anticipation. One thing was made clear right from the beginning – This si not going to be your typical massy hero film. Vivegam would be an international spy film that matched up to other Hollywood actioner. The posters, teasers and the trailer promised a high octane, fast-paced film. Does it live up to all that hype and buzz? Let’s find out!
What’s it about
Ajay Kumar (Ajith Kumar)  is the leader of an anti terrorist squad that includes Aryan ( Vivek Oberoi) and others. They were on mission to locate Natasha, an untraceable hacker. On finding her, they get hold of a weapon drive that is coveted by nations around for its destructive powers. While trying to save her, Ajith finds himself in a trap set up by his  own friends. Does he come out alive? Is he able to save the world form getting complete destroyed?  This mission forms the rest of the story.
What’s hot 
There are quite to few things to talk about. Let’s begin with the direction. right from the entry scene until the end, one thing is clear, Siva has made it is a n out and out visual treat! Picturesque locales, hi tech elements, blast scenes, overview of the bridge in the first part, the  snow field – These images stay with you even after the film is over. He has lend an international appeal to the movie. While the mass element may have remained intact, Vivegam is nothing is like his previous two releases. The director has taken great pains to up the standards of a typical actioner and the results are for us to see! The feel and look of Vivegam is top notch. Moving on to the actors – Starting with Ajith Kumar, the Tamil star has left behind his massy local hero image and embraced the international spy image fully and completely. His epic entry scene gets off the movie to a brilliant start! Siva’s direction, Ajith’s screen power and Anirudh’s composition blends in to give you the perfect introduction to his character.  Although cliched, Thala Ajith  plays his character with finesse, swag and full conviction. Also, the actor this time has worked extensively on his body. He has gone all out to perfect the avatar of a leader of anti terrorist squad. Ajith’s shirtless scene will soon become a topic of discussion. His six pack abs display is a visual treat all right! Ajith’s screen presence exudes an aura that blows you way whether you are an Ajith fan or not. If there is one actor who can make you fall in love with even a cliched character, it’s Thala Ajith! As for the rest of the cast – each of them have a role to play that contributes to the plot in one way or the other. Kajal Aggarwal as the fearless Yazhini was impressive and  convincing, Akshara Haasan had a brief role to play bu tit didn’t seem like a waste of space. As for Vivek Oberoi, he did a good job on playing the sly, manipulative scheming friend turned enemy. Siva chose his supporting cast well. When it comes to an actioner, all you expect is some edge of the seat thrills and entertainment, Vivegam fulfills that promise. A few of stunt sequences are impressive and leave you wondering what will happen next!  Anirudh Ravichander has done a fab job on the music that perfectly resonates with the theme.
What’s not 
This plot is not entirely perfect in its execution. There are loopholes here and there that require you to keep logic aside.One particular stunt had a Rajinikanth feel to it, it was just too over the top! While the first half was riveting the second half could have been made tighter and sharper. Ajith’s character seemed typical and some his dialogues seemed over dramatic. While the packaging was great, one can’t the deny the presence of massy elements. However, since it was expected it can’t be a reason for disappointment. Also, it would be unfair to compare it to an intellectual actioner because it wasn’t intended.
What you should do 
Ajith -Siva promised a high octane, racy actioner and Vivegam is just that. Movie’s international appeal, Ajith Kumar in top form, and groovy BGM are reasons enough to catch this actioner!
Rating:3.5 out of 5
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