This picture of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma sharing a thali in Sri Lanka is going viral

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virat kohli and anushka sharma spotted together yet again.

Virat Kohli and anushka sharma have been spotted amidst their couple-y moments yet again. Anushka flew to Sri Lanka to meet Virat who is there for a cricket series. While it’s completely normal for people to share their food with each other fans just can’t get enough of them. Virat – Anushka fans just love seeing pictures of these two together. They were last seen holidaying with each other during IIFA 2017 in New York and their picture went viral on the internet. We’re sure even this one is definitely going to break the internet. Last time, a picture of them doing some grocery shopping together became internet’s favourite.

While Virat is very vocal and public about their relationship, Anushka chooses to not talk about it. She told in an interview, “I will tell you why I don’t want to talk about it. I was open about my relationship because I thought that’s me handling something maturely and I expected people also to handle it maturely. But I feel not everyone knows how to do that. All they are interested in is scoops. ‘Oh! They met.’ – If you are dating someone you will meet them na? How can meeting someone become such big news? It was just too much. As an actor, I was giving some of my best performances but in an interview, the headline would always be about my personal life.”

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