Ranbir Kapoor on Rishi Kapoor’s criticism of Jagga Jasoos: I don’t agree with what he said

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when ranbir kapoor was asked if it is indeed fair on his father rishi kapoor's part to slam thejagga jasoos' team, ranbir said that his father is an emotional man and whatever he said was to protect him. rishi kapoor held anurag basu and pritam chakraborty responsible for the debacle of jagga jasoos.

Ranbir Kapoor thinks his father Rishi Kapoor's comments on Jagga Jasoos director Anurag Basu came from an emotional headspace.

Veteran actor RISHI KAPOOR wasted no time in holding director Anurag Basu and music composer Pritam Chakraborty responsible for the debacle of his son RANBIR KAPOOR’s Jagga Jasoos.

But he doesn’t have any support in Ranbir, who today said that he begs to differ from him even as he understands that his father’s comments came from an emotional headspace.

Rishi ranted against Anurag and Pritam on Twitter just a few days after Jagga Jasoos, which was a musical that took more than three years to get made. He called both of them irresponsible.

Before the film’s release itself, Ranbir had spoken to mediapersons about the “disorganised” way in which Anurag works on his films. But having said that, the actor reiterated that he loved collaborating with the filmmaker, who gave him much-loved Barfi, and he would team up with him again whenever an opportunity arises.

In fact, Ranbir and Anurag will work on kishore kumar’s biopic whenever the director gets the script in place. While Anurag’s erratic functioning is attributed as one of the reasons of delay, it was also reported that Pritam took a long time in composing the songs, which of course formed an integral part of the story.

When asked if it is indeed fair on his father’s part to slam the film’s team, Ranbir said, “My father is a very emotional man. Whatever he said was to protect me in some way. I don’t necessarily agree with what he said.”

Ranbir added that the box-office failure notwithstanding, he does not consider Jagga Jasoos, which was his maiden production, a flop.

“Jagga Jasoos is something that we worked for three and a half years. We all were aware of what we were doing. Sometimes you succeed sometimes you fail. But I don’t look at it as a failure, I look at it as a learning. It gave me a lot. The experience of working with Anurag Basu and everyone was very good. I can’t answer for somebody else but I don’t necessarily agree with everything.”

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