Deepika Padukone airport fashion outing transforms within 24 hours

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ah, we have our favourite airport style diva, deepika padukone, strutting the runaway (not literally) with an interesting fashion pick. as she has returned from her journey, she decided to go for a more kooky but cool look.

Ah, we have our favourite airport style diva, deepika padukone, strutting the runaway (not literally) but what’s up with this latest fashion pick? As she has returned from her journey, she decided to go for a more kooky look but is it cool? You must know that the actress is one trendsetter and especially when it comes to her airport rendezvous. It’s funny that just yesterday, we wanted to steal her airport look but this one, can’t say we’re happy with it! Right here, she has opted for some interesting matches and there are a few yays and nays according to us. You folks should simply scroll below and see what struck a chord with us and what didn’t. Perhaps then you could form your own opinion of the look.

DP’s travel style is very famous and she continues to live upto the tag by sporting such a fashionable ensemble at the airport. We are particularly piqued by the ‘half chequered half plain’ shirt. Not always do you get to make such a fab melange and she has done it to precision. Notice, she has buttoned up the shirt from front and back! This is one top we would so love to ape. In fact, if you think about it, we can get it done from a tailor, if it’s too expensive for the layman. Having raved about the shirt, we’re not particularly touched by the flared pants. The top and pants both have a baggy appearance so it doesn’t appeal the eye. She could’ve opted for maybe a cold shoulder top or an offshoulder one. Or, she could’ve opted for different bottoms (because the top is our favourite!).

Anyway, what really does it for us are them Nike floaters. After waltzing the airport with a killer pair of beaded Zara boots, watching her walk in those floaters is quite a turn off. It’s outright drab, if you ask us because her ensemble otherwise is pretty decent. But again, there’s a silver lining to this ‘blue’ outing. Those shades! The catty black shades surely have left an impact on us. They’re chic, gorgeous and works for almost any and every look!

Well, that was our opinion of her latest airport outing. What about you? Do you like her look?
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