Vidya Balan: I am bored of nepotism debate, just not interested, sorry

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when asked about it, vidya ascertained that she had enough of this term and that she is so off this months'-old controversy that the moment she reads about it in the papers, she turns the page. a few days later, karan johar took a dig at kangana ranaut chanting 'nepotism rocks' at iifa 2017.

Here's Vidya Balan's take on nepotism.

Even as day after day, Bollywood celebrities have been giving their two cents on nepotism, which has been a synonym of controversy for the film industry since past few months, actor Vidya Balan says she is least interested in participating in the debate.

Bollywood got re-introduced to the N-word courtesy Kangana Ranaut, who called filmmaker karan johar the “flag-bearer of nepotism” on his show Koffee With Karan in February. A few days later, Karan slammed the actor saying that she should stop playing the victim card.

The controversy took a bigger turn when other Hindi film actors and artistes, including both star kids and outsiders, began expressing their opinions on nepotism. In April, at a public event, Kangana, in her typical eloquent manner, tried to put the controversy to rest by saying that it was never about any personal grudge against Karan but her stand on nepotism which was more inclusive and she wanted to talk about her experiences to set an example for people from “unconventional backgrounds,” who enter the industry with dreams to make it big.

And just when everyone thought that the industry had moved on from the row, came Karan’s IIFA act with actors saif ali khan and varun dhawan a few weeks ago, where they poked fun at Kangana and the concept of nepotism by declaring, “Nepotism Rocks.” After drawing the ire of audiences and a few sections of media, the trio issued “sincere” apologies in turns. Just a few days ago, Kangana also wrote an open letter explaining her side, once again. But as expected, the new turn of events has opened doors, once again, to opinions on nepotism from the industry.

At an event here today, Vidya was asked about it, and the actor ascertained she had enough of this term and that she is so off this months’-old controversy that the moment she reads about it in the papers, she turns the page.

“With due respect to everyone who has been involved in this controversy, I am bored of this. Who’s on whose side, who is saying what. Even if I read that word (nepotism), I turn the page. All of that happened a few months ago, now something new happened. I am not interested, sorry,” Vidya told reporters.

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