Ranbir Kapoor: My father is not a hypocrite, I aspire to be like him

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Ranbir Kapoor Believes He Has A Long Way To Go Before He Can Match His Father Rishi Kapoor's Achievements In Cinema

He has tasted immense success in his decade-old career but Ranbir Kapoor believes he has a long way to go before he can match his father Rishi Kapoor’s achievements in cinema.”I want to imbibe a lot of qualities of him like his passion for cinema, hard work that he still puts in for a film after being in the industry for 35 years and his family values,” Ranbir told PTI.

The central theme of Ranbir’s upcoming film “Jagga Jasoos” is a father-son story and the actor says his relationship with Rishi is different from the characters’ in the film.”I still have a little bit of a formal relation with my father but there is a lot of love and care. It has become better from before. Now, I have become a professional, so we can talk to each other about work.”

Rishi is known to speak his heart out on all matters and Ranbir says even though his father may be outspoken and brash, he comes from an honest place.”He is a good man. He may be a bit brash and bit too honest, controversial in his tweets and how he puts things across but I think it comes from an honest place. He is not a hypocrite, he is a good man. I aspire to be like him but I am very far from it.”

“Jagga Jasoos”, which is finally releasing this Friday, has been in the news because of several delays and its lead cast – Ranbir and Katrina Kaif’s relationship. It was during the shoot that the pair called it quits and Ranbir says the break-up did not affect their work as they both are professionals.”It doesn’t affect my work as I have an experience of ten years and I understand how the industry, the show business and the media runs. Negative or positive publicity is publicity. If the film is good and the content is appealing it can’t stop anything.”

“Yes, if the audience starts hating me as a human being then it is different. They don’t want to see me on screen then that is a different case. But if they have a little engagement with me and Katrina as actors, then they will come and watch the film,” he says.

This is the third collaboration between Ranbir and Katrina. They have earlier starred in “Rajneeti” and “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani”. “Jagga Jasoos” marks the second collaboration between Ranbir and director Anurag Basu after their 2012 superhit film “Barfi”. Ranbir, 34, says he has a relationship of trust with Basu and they understand each other and their respective creative process. “It is frustrating for an actor to work with ‘dada’ (Basu). As an actor you get very insecure. I have worked with him earlier, so I knew what an eccentric filmmaker he was. There is familiarity, trust… We understand each other. We understand each other’s process,” he says.

The “Tamasha” star says not only the actors but the director has also worked hard with a lot of persistence on this musical adventure film, which has been in the making for the last three and a half years. “It has been a challenge to stick with this film, genre and the character for three and half years. He is somebody who works really hard, wants to entertain the audience and that is very inspiring.” “Jagga Jasoos has been backed by Disney and Ranbir and Basu’s Pictureshuru Production.

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