Kareena Kapoor Khan looks sleep deprived as she hits the gym on a Sunday morning – view pics

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looks like kareena kapoor khan had a tough time dragging herself to the gym this morning....

You know how sometimes your body gets so overworked that it ends up reflecting on your face. Guess Kareena Kapoor Khan needs to take it a little easy in that case. I mean, one look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. Not that we are complaining about Kareena being a regular at the gym. In fact, we admire her love for fitness and how she’s constantly setting this brightest example for women to stay fit post pregnancy. But sleep is equally important and by the looks of these recent pictures, Kareena is certainly compromising on her sleep to quite an extent…

Reminds us how Kareena had recently reacted to this constant chasing happening at the gym. She joked about the fact how the media and paparazzi is adding pressure to her gym routine as she quipped, “Poora Nike Adidas, Reebok khaali ho gaya kyuki sab mere ghar pe hai..matlab kya yaar tum log… everyday there is a pressure kuch naya peheno…Aaj Kareena ne kya pehna hai?” But she equally admits how she loves getting clicked as she added, “I love getting clicked so please follow me, please click me, as much as you want.”

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