Jab Harry Met Sejal song Radha making: Anushka Sharma felt like Basanti dancing for Shah Rukh Khan, watch video

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Jab Harry Met Sejal song Radha: Anushka Sharma was asked to spice things up by Shah Rukh Khan aka 'mean' Harry.

Jab Harry Met Sejal song Radha features Shah Rukh Khan aka Harry and Anushka Sharma aka Sejal loosening up and spicing things up in Europe. The video starts with Harry teasing Sejal that she cannot sing, yet taunting her to try it. In Anushka’s words, her character Sejal is an ‘enthu cutlet’ type of girl and so she accepts the challenge and sings. Mean Harry feels that there is no SPICE and she sounds bland. So Sejal tries to spice things up, she lets her hair down and in the course of showing mean Harry that she is spicy enough, she understands the true meaning of freedom.

Imtiaz Ali explains how it was in a way surreal to shoot the song because they were filming a desi number in Europe – the terrain and the contrary mood of a song played aloud on speakers was not usual. Also, the entire team had to climb up and down the flight of palace stairs a number of times. Imtiaz said, “I think this has got some of us fit and some of us unfit by the exercise.”

Anushka also explains that she feels super comfortable shooting with SRK as she did her first film with him. We can see the two stars having a great time on the sets as they portray Harry and Sejal on the streets of Europe. From shooting at the top of a palace in Europe, while she is barefoot to trying to spice it up and making things interesting – Radha is all about the two main characters having fun.
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