Carbon trailer: Jackky Bhagnani takes on Nawazuddin Siddiqui in this futuristic but slightly unbelievable thriller

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the actor-producer also revealed his plans to take the movie to various festival.

We hardly make futuristic movies in Bollywood with the last one I remember being one portion of Baar Baar Dekho (on second thoughts, let’s forget about that!). So here comes Carbon, a supposedly futuristic thriller set in 2067. Intriguing, right? The plot is about the time when the world has run out of oxygen and people has to buy it to survive. And it also has an interesting of actors like Jackky Bhagnani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Prachi Desai and Yashpal Sharma. However, it is not a full-length mainstream Bollywood movie, instead it is a short film presented and distributed by Large Short Films.

jackky bhagnani and Prachi Desai on Thursday launched the trailer with Jackky saying it was the first Hindi sci-fi (science fiction) film (Sorry, boy, no!). The trailer is quite interesting, with Nawaz’s futuristic costume catching our eye. However, the focus is more on Jackky Bhagnani showing off his body (with the excuse of showing off his artificial heart). As for the premise, it definitely invokes curiosity but the depletion of oxygen will also cause trees to die and I am not sure how humankind can survive that. Maybe the movie will have answers for that. Till then, here’s the trailer…BTW do let me know if it reminded you of the game Metro 20

During the trailer launch, jackky bhagnani told IANS, “Carbon is first Hindi sci-fi film, I don’t know if you will like the film or not when you watch it. But you won’t be able to say that this movie was an imitation of any Hollywood film. This is our own version. We have shown that oxygen will be supplied to homes like water and electricity, but as soon as you step out you need a mask. My role was such that I had to wear the mask 24X7. When I was shooting while wearing the mask it was so suffocating for me, it was not easy shooting for the film.”

The actor-producer also revealed his plans to take the movie to various festivals, “Our agenda wasn’t to make the film for festivals. We haven’t made this film for any reward or award. As filmmakers, if we can take it to festivals and we get some kind of credit for trying something new, it will feel good.”
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