Munna Michael trailer watch video: It’s all about Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ‘Gandi Baat’, Tiger Shroff’s ‘Michael’ act can wait

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Munna Michael trailer: Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui show off their dance moves.

We don’t even want to imagine Munna Michael’s trailer without Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Of course, Tiger Shroff swags through the entire video, does his usual action, dance sequences with a bit of dialogue-baazi here and there, but Tiger will still have to learn how to be a show-stealer. It is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who lifts our hopes and saves this trailer from being a routine mediocrity that Bollywood readily churns out. You pay to see Nawazuddin’s ‘class’ act in serious films, now watch him doing a ‘tapori’ act. Nawaz floors you with his awkward dance moves and you know why you are still watching the trailer.

To his credit, Tiger brings about the right kind of buoyancy and rhythm to the film. Its female lead Nidhhi Agerwal is decent but forgettable. A small time criminal Nawazuddin, for some reason, wants to learn dance in mere 30 days and his only hope is Tiger. Tiger wanted to be the next Michael Jackson (as cliched as it sounds) ever since he saw the poster of the pop star on his room’s wall (by the way he stayed in a chawl). While Tiger is a professional dancer, Nawaz is an amateur. But Nawaz doesn’t shy away from showing some of his moves when Tiger insists. The moment he bursts into Shahid Kapoor’s “Gandi Baat”, we know he has already stolen the show. It’s easily the highlight of the trailer.

Tiger and Nawaz’s dance training brings more laughter. We see romance brewing between Tiger and Nidhhi. But, wait. Why is Nawazuddin out on a dinner date with Tiger’s love interest? It’s getting interesting.

We have to wait for the movie to find out why and how Tiger-Nawaz’s friendship turned into betrayal and made Tiger angrier so that he can also blow some punches. Interspersed between scenes are some terrific moves and dance acts by Tiger. Overall, the trailer seems fun.

The film will hit theatres on July 21.

Watch Munna Michael trailer video here
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