India becomes the 6th major market for Tom Cruise’s The Mummy by earning $4.6 million

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India is making Tom Cruise's The Mummy cash rich.

Hollywood has always been a commendable force at the box office but it has always stayed away from major Bollywood releases because at the end, audience here mostly went for their local films more. But in last one year or so, the gameplan has changed remarkably. Hollywood not only prefers releasing multi-crore superhero franchises in India a week before its global release, they even manage to leave Hindi films far behind. 2016 saw too many such examples, the prominent one being the The Jungle Book-Fan episode. 

This year too the trend is on with Logan managing better numbers than Commando 2. Now, The Mummy has 
defeated Raabta and behen hogi teri to make more numbers at the box office in the opening weekend. Not only that, India has become one of the Top 6 nations who has earned heavily for the film. 

What we feel is it is the collective might of Tom Cruise, who is still very popular in India and the recall value of the Mummy franchise which made India put up some of the best numbers for the film. It is true that when we spoke to our Trade Expert, Akshaye Rathi had said that The Mummy didn’t really start well but it seems over the first weekend, people seemed to have become more inclined towards it. Check out the latest India figures of the film here…

 did $4.6 M in  for the opening wknd.. Ranking No.6 major market in Intl BO after  ,  & 

What is interesting note here is that The Mummy didn’t really receive overwhelming reviews from the critics here and yet it managed a score so well. Hindustan Times called it Dead, decaying, badly bandaged. The worst Tom Cruise film ever’ while Firstpost mentioned ‘This Tom Cruise-starrer neither scares, thrills nor entertains.’ Despite all that, the film is doing better than the Hindi releases which means it is definitely the star power of Cruise and the fascination for the franchise that got people to prefer it more than the rest.
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